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Easy Template to Help Outline Your Speech

An outline helps provide you with a sense of direction. Think of it like your GPS navigation or a roadmap. It helps get you to your destination. I've created a guide to help make the outlining process as easy as possible. Please see the following template: Include Speech Title (Try condensing your thesis into six or fewer words – think simple, catchy, and memorable – this helps to focus your main idea) Introduction I.  Attention getter: Start with a rehearsed story, thought-provoking quote, shocking fact, rhetorical question, or some other way to hook the audience right away. Avoid introducing yourself, yes/no or dead-end questions, or my personal least favorite opening, “Hey guys, so today I’m going to talk about XYZ”. II. Introduce your topic: Provide necessary background information, context, and/or definitions. III. Thesis statement: Provide a single declarative sentence expressing your main idea. IV. Establish credibility: Tell the audience why you chose the topi