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Stress Can Be a Good Thing

According to Psychology Today , "Stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium." This fight or flight response keeps us alive in times of danger. It's necessary for our survival. Unfortunately, it also wrecks havoc on our emotions before stressful events like a speech. But I'd like to discuss why some stress is helpful, if not completely necessary, in order to deliver a successful speech. The same emotions that cause us to fear speaking can also nudge us to spend more time preparing a speech and to be more enthusiastic when we speak. That's why I never recommend over-rehearsing a speech. I've heard many students describe their disappointment over a mediocre speech despite countless hours rehearsing. Speakers must find the right balance between practice and being self-assured in their ability to give the speech. So there's something you might not find in a typical public speaking textbook... don't rehears