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Notables That Have Also Dealt with Nervousness

“There are two types of speakers: Those who are nervous and those who are liars.”

This is one of my favorite quotes, attributed to none other than Mark Twain. He is known for his great works of literature but also for having given many memorable public lectures. He said it best, but it's worth repeating - Everybody experiences public speaking anxiety to some extent.

You might think you're alone in feeling afraid of public speaking. Well, it might surprise you to learn that some highly influential and well-known individuals have also wrestled with public speaking anxiety. Icons in business, performing, and historical figures alike have dealt with this common fear. Here are just a few examples:
“I was terrified of public speaking when I was in high school and college... I couldn’t do it - I mean I’d throw up and everything.” -Warren Buffett

“I think the audience knew what was happening. It was a play, they bought tickets, I’m up there acting – and I can’t talk.” - James Earl Jones

KPC Radio Interview Discussion on Millennial Stereotypes

I had the great experience of speaking with Arlene Arreola on her radio series, "The Birds and the bees and the bills. We talked about issues facing millennials in the classroom and beyond. You can access this interview here: