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Persuasive Speech Presentation, Outline, & PowerPoint Example

I've put together a full sample persuasive speech of value. I argue that prevention is more important than treatment in healthcare. See the sample presentation, along with the outline and PowerPoint.  Persuasive Speech Example:   Persuasive Speech Outline Example - Direct Download Persuasive Speech PowerPoint Example - Direct Download Good luck with yours! Prevention is the Best Medicine Introduction I. (Attention Getter) Benjamin Franklin moved to Philadelphia as a young man. He noticed that the city was ill-prepared for fires. So he worked with various groups to implement a serious of basic preventative measures that, along with the creation of a volunteer-led fire-fighting team, greatly improved fire-safety standards in Philadelphia. He wrote about this in a letter to the newspaper, saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as recounted on a website associated with the Independence Hall Association. II. (Introduce Topic) I