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A Basic Guide to Public Speaking

This guide is intended for anyone interested in improving their public speaking skills. My aim is to simplify a subject that many people find overwhelming. I have condensed what I believe to be the most relevant information into this post.
Public speaking became an important part of my life out of necessity. My first speech class was stressful and overwhelming. I had severe speech anxiety and was frustrated by my inability to express myself with clarity and confidence. 
I set out to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. I completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in communication studies. I delivered numerous speeches through Toastmasters International. Now, I teach college level public speaking courses as an Adjunct-Instructor.
Throughout this time, I have coached hundreds of students and evaluated thousands of speeches. I remain committed to improving my own speaking skills while also helping others along their journey towards becoming competent communicators.
It should be…
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Upcoming Workshop, "Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety"

Don't miss my next seminar, September 5th | 12-1pm at Office Evolution in Westlake Village.

Learn strategies to manage public speaking anxiety! We'll discuss what causes public speaking anxiety and how we can learn to speak with more confidence.

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Better Speaking = Better Living

What makes us happy?

We know that the quality of our relationships impacts our well-being to a great extent - perhaps more than any other factor.

And how can we promote more numerous and meaningful relationships?
This is where public speaking comes in, because communication cultivates ourrelationships. We have to interact with other people to create new relationships. And we maintain those connections through continued conversations.

That's why I believe that by enhancing our ability to speak effectively, we can improve our quality of life - personally and professionally.

So commit to improving your public speaking skills! Join a Toastmasters club, take a speech class, or become part of any new group in order to enhance your speaking skills! It just might result in better living.


Upcoming Workshop in Westlake Village!

I'd like to announce a free public speaking workshop! I've tried to distill the essentials from my public speaking classes. This is it! Here you will learn necessary skills: Reducing anxiety, displaying more confidence, reducing your filler words, and much more!
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10 Tips, Tricks, & Techniques for Public Speaking Students

You tried to avoid this class but your advisor said you need it to graduate. You dread the thought of speaking in front of a large group. It’s too much to bear. How will you survive this public speaking class?
I’ve learned a thing or two in my time as a student and instructor, so let’s break down this daunting subject with the hopes of making it bearable. You just may learn a thing or two to make the experience less painful. Let’s start with what’s likely to be your first concern.
1.) What to do about anxiety
You may think you’re one of very few people affected by public speaking anxiety. This couldn’t be more wrong! It’s entirely normal to get stressed out or even paralyzed with fear before an upcoming speech.
Anxiety is often a sign that you care, and that’s a good thing. Harness that anxious energy towards preparing your notes and rehearsing your delivery. In this way, anxiety can be beneficial.
But public speaking anxiety is extremely uncomfortable and we want to get rid of it. Unfort…

Persuasive Speech Presentation, Outline, & PowerPoint Example

I've put together a full sample persuasive speech of value. I argue that prevention is more important than treatment in healthcare. See the sample presentation, along with the outline and PowerPoint. 

Persuasive Speech Example:
Persuasive Speech Outline Example - Direct Download
Persuasive Speech PowerPoint Example - Direct Download
Good luck with yours!

Prevention is the Best Medicine
I. (Attention Getter) Benjamin Franklin moved to Philadelphia as a young man. He noticed that the city was ill-prepared for fires. So he worked with various groups to implement a serious of basic preventative measures that, along with the creation of a volunteer-led fire-fighting team, greatly improved fire-safety standards in Philadelphia. He wrote about this in a letter to the newspaper, saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as recounted on a website associated with the Independence Hall Association.
II. (Introduce Topic) In our era, the biggest danger we face is chroni…