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The Benefits of Public Speaking

Why should you care about public speaking? This question is relevant to anyone seeking to improve their speaking skills. Simply put, the subject is important because of its potential to improve a person's professional, academic and interpersonal life.

Most, if not all employers seek individuals with strong communication skills. Take a look at job postings in any field and you're likely to find some variation of the phrase 'seeking person who can communicate effectively with employees and customers'. Good speaking skills are vital to any job. Anyone who has participated in a job interview has relied on their speaking skills for employment in the first place.

Many schools require this class and there's a reason behind this. Besides the formerly discussed point of how speech can help people in their career, it is also essential in most classes. Students are often called upon to create a PowerPoint presentation, to participate in class and work with their peers and teachers. Clearly, the speech requirement reflects a need to speak effectively in school.

Lastly, some people just want to gain confidence in their interactions with others. The all too familiar fear of public speaking can be quite limiting if it's not addressed. Even people who aren't necessarily afraid of public speaking must at least be proficient to foster healthy relationships. Perhaps what most contributes to our own well being is our relationships. Therefore, improving our communication skills is useful in maintaining or building personal relationships and thus our health and happiness.

I hope you can see now how your career, education and personal life can be largely affected by public speaking. Keep this in mind during your endeavors!